Turban Sizing

All our plain coloured turbans are made from materials with very high stretch margins & can fit a wide range of head sizes. It is for this reason that sizing can overlap e.g. some turban wearers can size up or size down (depending on the state of their hair).


Size chart

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Sizing: Description Image examples

Snug fit

(also: small head friendly)

Will fit closely on the head. Small head friendly. Perfect for people with: small heads, hair with low volume, straight or fine hair, no hair or short hair. Also, perfect if you are wearing your hair in cornrows or a very flat/smooth style and want something close to your head.

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Designed to fit most heads, with allowance for hair. Note: It's advisable to still try and condense hair down as much as possible. "Snug fit" turban wearers can also wear a size "Standard".

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Large Designed to easily accommodate a big head or thick/voluminous hair. Size "Standard" wearers can wear a size large when their  hair is in a voluminous state e.g natural curls, chunky twists or a bun. *Updating soon!*
Reina XL Perfect For those with long braids/locs who intend to fit all their hair into the turban. *Updating soon!*