"The girls are sitting" charity program - GASP

"The girls are sitting" charity program - GASP

Here at Reina Love London we have been working hard behind the scenes on our new charitable training program named: “The Girls Are Sitting Program” or GASP for short. Our turbans are handmade in The Gambia, so we believe it is only right that we give back to the local community there.💪🏾

Female Empowerment is very dear to our hearts. Through GASP, we will be able to positively contribute to this ideology by training women in The Gambia with mobility issues in tailoring skills and then offering them work. 🪡🧵

As with many African nations, most women in The Gambia are the breadwinners of the family, carrying out various physical jobs such as cooking, farming, or selling at the market. At times even those in the best of health conditions can find this difficult, so you can imagine how particularly tough it must be for women who live with long-term health conditions (such as amputation, back pain/spinal conditions, leg pain) to earn a living 🩼 This is where GASP can make a difference.
In The Gambia and the wider Senegambia region, tailoring is an otherwise male-dominated field. Our initiative with GASP means that the work comes to the women, allowing them to have flexible work rather than going to the market, farm, or any other strenuous jobs. This gives them the freedom to improve their quality of life on their own terms. 

Follow along as we embark on this exciting journey, and regularly update you on our training progress. 

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Wow this is fantastic! I’m super excited to see the progression. Let’s go!🤩

Fatima Camara

This is honestly an amazing idea, excited to see how you guys progress <3


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